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Creative and imaginative landscaping ideas

Jim’s began when our founder Jim Penman was trying to complete a Doctorate in History, and offered to mow lawns of householders to earn a few bucks to meet some of his expenses as a young man. From such humble beginnings today Jim’s has grown into the biggest franchise conglomerate in Australia and is a household name.

With our operations extending into New Zealand, Canada, the USA and the UK, with more than 3,400 franchisees and Home services under Jim’s umbrella, the success of which has been our dedication, commitment, reliability, honesty, transparency, integrity and professionalism.

We have never compromised on our quality workmanship for which our reputation precedes us, and the accolades that we have received from our discerning customers are always cherished.

With experienced, creative and imaginative design artists at Jim’s we could bring along some great Landscaping ideas and create garden of beauty around your home which would be the envy of those who would visit you.

You could create an entrance of grandeur utilizing our expertise in Driveway repair or Driveway resurfacing and drop the jaws of your visitors in awe. We use the latest equipment and machinery to complete such work and ensure perfectness in all we do.

Similarly there is a need to be professional when undertaking Asphalt resurfacing, because errors in workmanship would not find the approval of your Local Council, and it may cost you dear to redo these areas.  

Concrete surfaces in any condition could be transformed and brought back to life with our specialized methods of Concrete resurfacing and Spray on concrete.

Spray on concrete whilst adding a tinge of beauty would also bring advantages like reducing ambient temperatures in those areas. This would make these areas more comfortable for frequent use when sitting outdoors.

Jim’s has been in the Spray Paving business since the year 2000 and are a force to reckon with and the testimonials we carry speak volumes of the excellent work that we have executed for our discerning customers.

Surfaces could be kept perfectly dry from dripping water or other liquids with Permeable paving using the wide choice of materials we have. Permeable paving would be very safe for adults as well as children, who could injure themselves by falling on slippery surfaces.

Window tinting is healthy


The Sun is about 150 Million kilometers from our planet Earth, and it is the source of our life. The Sun gives us life, it also gives life to all flora and fauna, gives us day and night, the seasons, and gravity to keep our feet on the ground, the list is endless.

Whilst the Sun gives us more than we can ask to sustain life, it also spews harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) radiation on us day in and day out. If we continuously expose ourselves to these deadly rays it could cause skin and other cancers.

When we are outdoors we should protect any exposed skin with accepted sun creams, this is imperative if you are sensitive to the elements. Caucasians should take extra care because their skins could be sensitive to prolonged exposure to the Sun.

It is not only when we are outdoors that we should be careful from the Sun’s UV rays, even indoors we could be vulnerable, especially if you are seated close to a window which brings through the Sun’s rays indoors.

When we are indoors we could use the expertise of Jim’s Home window tinting Perth, to install solar window tinting film, on all glass windows. Solar window tinting film would cut down glare by 99%, heat by 80% and UV rays by 80%. Using solar window tinting film in your home will give you a healthier home.

Whilst providing a healthy atmosphere and reducing the outdoor heat up to 80% the indoor temperature would drop, and this would enhance a more efficient air-conditioning system thereby reducing on your energy bills.

We could expect the same if we install solar window tinting in our offices. We would not only reduce cost on energy bills, studies show that we could increase productivity among the staff too. Jim’s Office window tinting Perth is experienced to provide you with all the options open to you.

Our car too absorbs a large quantum of heat energy, and the vehicle which is just another glorified, “tin can in the Sun” can be dangerous if you are in it for a long period of time without air-conditioning. Using solar window film from Jim’s Car window tinting Perth you could keep out the Sun’s heat, glare and also the harmful UV rays.   


An unblemished career

We at rakiyawa help our applicants through the A-Z of all they would need, to succeed in the best jobs and we also walk that extra mile with them to see that they keep their flag and ours flying by making a career of the top job Sri Lanka that they have been offered.

Perusing through the many new job vacancies that you would come across, selecting the top job that you would suit your acquired skills is important.

The Sri Lankan jobs offered by rakiyawa are all screened by us prior to listing them on our website, as this enables us to monitor the progress of the organization and the applicants who apply for the new jobs.

We take a very special interest and care to ensure that any cv forwarded through us meets the requirements of the employers for standard and content. If not, we would help to fine tune it to meet the parameters of the employer’s requirements, after discussing with the applicants.

Employers requesting us for applicants for jobs in Sri Lanka, do specify special requirements the applicants would need to meet and we scrutinize the applicants and pick only those who meet those requirements.

These could be where special qualities are required for topjobs in specialized areas of the organization, that the employees would be needed.  

Vacancies that need special personnel gets’ our special attention and we ensure that everything we undertake is as transparent as it could be.

There are many jobs that come our way and we place the same importance for all.

The top jobs get a thorough screening on both sides of the divide, because we need to keep our unblemished reputation intact, always.